INSPIRED LIVING #11 with Lesley Darling: A journey of hope and inspiration with cancer

“A journey of hope and inspiration with cancer“ – this is the phrase that came up for me again and again during my lovely interview with Lesley Darling. Lesley is sharing with us her very special project where she wants to help hundred women with breast cancer to live a joyful life, with and despite this severe diagnosis.

But really: The interview is for anyone, having any diagnosis or not. It is about experiencing less stress in our lives, living more fully and loving life in the moment. And who wouldn`t like more of that? (mehr …)

INSPIRED LIVING #9 with Joanne Yeoh – Interspecies Communicator & Energy Intuitive

Are you curious what your cat is doing when she is out and about?
Or what your dog thinks about you?
If the animal in your care is ill, would you like to know how to help him/her?

Well, to find the answer to these questions you could do two things:
ask a professional animal communicator – or learn how to communicate with animals and other species yourself. (mehr …)