INSPIRED LIVING #11 with Lesley Darling: A journey of hope and inspiration with cancer

“A journey of hope and inspiration with cancer“ – this is the phrase that came up for me again and again during my lovely interview with Lesley Darling. Lesley is sharing with us her very special project where she wants to help hundred women with breast cancer to live a joyful life, with and despite this severe diagnosis.

But really: The interview is for anyone, having any diagnosis or not. It is about experiencing less stress in our lives, living more fully and loving life in the moment. And who wouldn`t like more of that?

One thing you`ll see is: Lesley knows what she’s talking about!

She is sharing her own journey with a breast cancer diagnosis and how it “helped” her to change her life: “Why not change now? My Life is going to transform anyway!“

Her message: No matter where you are on the breast cancer journey, you can have access to simple and effective tools and a way of looking at the life that empowers you and puts you back in control of your well-being.

Lesley has a scientific background with a MSc as a plant biological science researcher. She got certified in 2016 using the techniques she found best for stress relief so she could also teach them to others. Additionally she studied different modalities around energy work. All those modalities helped her a great deal when Leyley got her cancer diagnosis in 2017.

She now combines her training, her life experience and her passion to help women with breast cancer diagnosis to see this as an opportunity to transform and create a life they truly love.

To get in touch with Lesley and find out more about the project, go to


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