INSPIRED LIVING #9 with Joanne Yeoh – Interspecies Communicator & Energy Intuitive

Are you curious what your cat is doing when she is out and about?
Or what your dog thinks about you?
If the animal in your care is ill, would you like to know how to help him/her?

Well, to find the answer to these questions you could do two things:
ask a professional animal communicator – or learn how to communicate with animals and other species yourself.

Joanne Yeoh is both an interspecies communicator and energy intuitive as well as a wonderful and inspiring mentor to people (like me 😊) who are fascinated by this magical connection with our animals and nature.

In our conversation she gives us a little peak into:

  • that animals have their own purpose in this life and how we can learn about their points of view by communicating with them in their language
  • how there are two “camps” of animal communicators: The naturals, that have been doing it for all their lives and the “learners”
  • how she was in the latter category and developed her skill “from scratch”
  • some stories from her own animal communication practice
  • and how EASY (believe it or not!) animal communication is and that we don`t have to work at it!

If you want to find out more about Joanne, you can go to


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