INSPIRED LIVING #8 with Kristy Halvorsen – Coddiwompling!


Well, mayby this is your first thought when you hear how Kristy Halvorsen is leading her life: by Coddiwompling. It sure was my initial reaction!
And it soon got replaced by inspired curiosity when she explained what this funny word means.

So what is Coddiwompling?
It is basically about living an inspired life by jumping full-on into the unknown, living from one moment to the next.
Sounds scary?
Well, it did for me (and, OK, still does if I am really honest…)

Nonetheless I LOVE the concept of Coddiwompling.
And as I learned in the interview, it can take many forms:
Like Kristy, it might take you travelling all around the world – or you can live a „normal“ life, with a regular job!


The common thread is: a feeling of ALIVENESS!


What I loved most about the interview (well, everything ;-), but especially) how I got baffled again and again by the ease and simplicity with which Kristy talks about life – a REALLY alive life! (Can you tell how excited I am about the interview? ;-))


In the interview you will learn:

* how to travel purposefully, towards an unknown destination – and not knowing how to get there
* that we all are natural coddiwomplers – we unlearn it along the way (called life)
* that we can`t mess life up
* what to do when you don`t know what to do (that even happens to Kristy!)
* how everything makes perfect sense (usually when we look back, in hindsight)
* why worry is the greatest misuse of our imagination and what it has to do with predicting our future
* that there is no age limit to coddiwompling: Kristy is telling the story of a client who has already retired – and discovered coddiwompling!


I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did!


To find out more about Kristy go to

Instagram: @CoddiwompleNow
Facebook: Coddiwomple Now


And to get in touch with me,
please have a look at my website or
email me at verena[at]


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