INSPIRED LIVING #7 with Fiona Maguire – Energy Work meets Psychology –

In today`s interview I am talking with Fiona Maguire.
Fiona earned a degree in psychology and is now working as a transformational coach by reading and working with energy.

“What?” you might ask, “how does that fit together?”
You are about to find out by watching the video 🙂

If you are asking yourself: what is this energy work thing? And why should it be relevant for me?
Or if you are just curious about how you can change in a deep way, YOUR way, to live a more joyful life – than this session is for you!

I especially love Fiona`s real life examples from her own experience with clients.
And as a special “goodie”, Fiona did a Mini-Real-Life-Reading (me!) to show how she actually is working with energy.

Fiona is also talking about:
* how getting fully embodied in our own energy is the gateway to a joyful life
* how ice cream can help us to ignore our thinking
* … and so much more!

To find out more about Fiona and get the free audios she mentioned go to

To get more information about Fiona`s course:
„Boost Your Power“ with The Energy Healing Intensive Training-Learn How To Transform Your Energy and Harness The Power Of Your Intuition
click here



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