INSPIRED LIVING # 5 with „Vanlifer“ Tess Strömberg

What a fun and inspiring conversation that was!
Well, I am saying this about all my guest, but this spontanous chat with Tess Strömberg I particularly enjoyed!
And it was a first since we chatted “in real life”, not just online.

In July 2018, Tess and her boyfriend Morten finally decided to leave the hassle of a 9-5 job working for someone else and moved into their van.
Now, apart from writing her blog and travelling the world, Tess works with online marketing and creating websites. She is also an Instagram specialist helping organisations and influencers to grow their accounts and engagement.

What I find so inspiring about Tess` story is that she gives an example of how we REALLY can do what we are inspired to do in life.

In this episode we talk about
• What gave Tess the “courage” to leave her well-known environment and embarque on this exciting adventure
• The money question: how she supports this unusual lifestyle financially
• Why she strongly believes that every single person on this planet has unlimited potential to achieve whatever they want in life
• … and much more!

You can find out more about Tess
on her website
on Instagram @vanlifertess
on Facebook @vanlifertess

and contact her directly at

To get in touch with me, please have a look at my website  or email me at verena[at]


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