INSPIRED LIVING #4: Sue Pankiewicz and Sheela Masand

In this episode of INSPIRED LIVING, I have not one, but two guests: Sheela Masand and Sue Pankiewicz.

These two lovely ladies started an inspiring project in 2015: The VIVA Event in Spain.
This wonderful gathering of inspiring people became an annual event that takes place again this year (2018) from November 3rd -5th.

In this interview you will see:
• That learning can be fun and easy, taking place even in the “coffee-break”, in between sessions
• How we can get back in touch with our playful nature by relaxing more into life
• What to do when you have lots of thinking about organizing a big event
• That things can unfold in their own way and timing – and it perfect
• There are benefits to keeping it simple and less is more

So enjoy this episode!

To find out more about the VIVA event go to or write to info[at]

You can find out more about Sheela at and contact her directly at sheela[at]

To contact Sue, you can do so at suepankiewicz[at]

And to get in touch with me, please have a look at my website or email me at verena[at]


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