INSPIRED LIVING #2 with Monica Andreewitch

In the second episode of INSPIRED LIVING, I have Monica Andreewitch as my guest.
As you will see, Monica is embodied inspiration!
She is constantly inventing and re-inventing herself and her business, seeing possibilities where others only see burnt grass and dusty desert.

At the age of 54 she started all over again, in a different country, moving some of her horses from the UK to Spain, where she is living now with her husband.
And currently started over again just a few months ago, moving to a different property.

In this interview you will see:
• That there is no “It`s impossible!”
• The power of just doing things, jumping and growing wings along the way
• How we are made to be life-long learners
• That we don`t have to believe it when others tell us things can`t be done.


I know, I repeated myself about how much Monica inspired my own life – and it is all true 🙂
So enjoy this episode!

To find out more about Monica and her work you can go to:

or contact her directly at

And to get in touch with me, please have a look at my website or email me at .

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