INSPIRED LIVING #1 with Mary Schiller

In our first show of INSPIRED LIVING, I am very happy to have Mary Schiller as my guest.

To me, Mary is pure creativity. She is incredibly productive and putting out a HUGE amount of helpful materials: books, free articles, she is creating programs, giving free webinars, and has a wonderful Facebook group called “Get Paid to be You”.

In this interview Mary Schiller is sharing how a simple realization has changed her life: From a life full of fear and trauma (she actually got diagnosed with a condition called PTSD) to having a happy marriage, a very successful business and helping hundreds and thousands of people to live more joyful lives.

  • How she realized: we are NOT depending on our circumstances and that she could have a joyful live even though she had survived some very traumatic experiences in her life
  • Her journey from self-development to self-discovery
  • That there is nothing to do to change our feelings. We can simply go and live our lives and create helpful stuff no matter what!
  • We are actually so much more than our feelings and our thoughts
  • There is always a peaceful undercurrent, even in the worst of circumstances and feelings
  • Our human experience is made to experience the WHOLE spectrum of our emotions
  • How feelings and thoughts are two sides of the same coin
  • There is nothing to fix
  • We ARE happiness and don`t have to do anything to change our unhappy feelings
  • We are designed to have all kind of feelings


Mary also has a fantastic special on her programs until the 24th of August – check out the video description below the Youtube-video for more information.

To contact Mary and find out more about here work you can go to and chck out her fantastic Facebook Group “Get Paid to be You”.

And to get in touch with me, please have a look at my website  or mail me at .


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